Sunday, March 7, 2021

A Culture of Abuse: How COVID-19 Educated the Beauty Industry

Back in the Before Times, I spent a lot of time restructuring compensation and pricing for salon owners. Most of these salon owners made...

Post-Curve, Pre-Vaccine: Where do salons go from here?

As of the day I write this, efforts to flatten the curve seem to be working, but we can't stay inside forever. Within the...

COVID-19: Our New Economic Reality

If you’re seeking comfort, look elsewhere. I’m a pessimistic realist and I’m not pulling any punches today. None of us has time to waste on carefully crafted introductions that state the obvious, so let’s get right to it: Now that COVID-19 has upended everything, what the hell do we do as individuals, employees, employers, small business owners, parents, and as an industry overall? What can we expect over the next few years?

The Social Distancing and Homeschool Survival Guide for Parents

Hello! You likely know me as “Tina Alberino, Beauty Industry Window-Smasher Extraordinaire,” but I also happen to be homeschooling my five children. As someone...

How to Unfriend the Internet

Your Aunt Linda can pry into your personal life the way civilized people creeped on each other pre-MySpace—by dropping by unexpectedly, asking a bunch of uncomfortable questions, and secretly rummaging through your medicine cabinet.

How to Handle Employee Departures

"HELP! My top performer quit last week and I have no idea what to do. She accounted for over 40% of the salon's revenue,...

Enforcing Boundaries: How to Keep Clients Out of Your Personal Life

Early in my career, I learned to keep my personal life personal, even when the nosiest clients would do their best to pry into...

3 Times to Throw Your Progressive Discipline Policy out the Window

A progressive discipline policy helps deal with workplace behavior. But, there are workplace behaviors that fall outside your disciplinary process.

How to Request (and Receive) a Raise

Beauty professionals often have a hard time increasing their annual income due to several factors, primary among them being their employer’s failure to grasp...

Average Salon Commission Rates: Understanding Salon Compensation

“I’m a cosmetology student. Recently, I learned that most stylists are paid on a commission basis. I don’t understand what that means or what a normal...

How to Choose the Best Legal Business Structure for Your Salon

Your beauty business's legal structure will impact how your business is taxed and the degree to which you (and any partners) can be held...

Six Personality Traits of Successful Salon Managers

Only 10% of people naturally possess the traits to become effective managers. Not everyone has what it takes—and that isn't a bad thing. Business management...

The Tempting Illusion of “Guaranteed Success”

Everywhere you look, coaches, consultants, motivational speakers, and educators in our industry are peddling the lie that anyone can be successful... ...if you buy their...

What You Need to Know Before Opening a Nail Salon

Nail salons can generate a profit, but they're very high overhead businesses, plagued with staffing challenges. They're also vulnerable during economic downturns. In this...

“Charge Your Worth” and More Vague Business Advice You Should Ignore

Some pieces of advice really need to slide quietly into obscurity, but these three—for some reason—just won't die. We've all heard these phrases thousands...

Florida SB 1640 and HB 27: The Good and The Bad

Surprise, surprise. Florida legislators have proposed some shortsighted legislation that aggravates the problem they're purporting to correct. (Anyone shocked? As a Florida native and...