One too many photographers have fucked me over this month. (Four total, actually.) I have recently rewritten my MM profile in an attempt to scare away the flakes. I’m sure it will be very effective. What do you think?

Tina’s TFP Terms

Warning in Advance: I know what follows will sound bitchy, but I’ve been screwed over and stood up far too many times this year. Time is money. Reliable, responsible, prompt models only please. I have no tolerance for no shows. Lazy, unreliable photographers that don’t deliver can also screw off.

TFP/TFCD stands for “Time for Print” or “Time for CD.” This means that in exchange for my TIME, you need to give me some images. If this is an issue for you, see my rates.

1.) I either get cash or raws at the time of the shoot before I leave. If you’re unwilling to hand over your raws to me, then pay me. Too many photographers haven’t delivered on their part of the deal and I dislike being figuratively fisted in a big way. I’ll return the raws/payment to you when I’ve received the agreed upon trade items.
2.) No obtrusive watermarks. You may have snapped the photo, but you don’t own it. I don’t require you to plaster my name all over your images; I expect the same courtesy in return.
2.) I will do three models at most and spend four hours–max–at the shoot. No exceptions.
3.) Divas: drop your attitude. I don’t have time or patience for that bullshit on a normal basis, let alone when I’m working for free on my day off. I don’t want to hear you bitch and moan about anything. TFP time is fun time for me. Let’s keep it that way.
4.) Yes, I require all models to sign MY model release. I require all photographers to sign my content release. I require all parties to sign a work agreement stating the terms and conditions of the trade project.

If you do not sign, I do not work.

Yeah, I’m serious. You’re getting my time and product for free. The least you can do is sign your name on paper to the promises you speak with your lips.
5.) TFP shoots are for the benefit of EVERYBODY involved. Just because you are the photographer does not make you the “boss” of the shoot. Your job is to direct the model and snap pictures. Do not bark orders at me. I am a bitch, Cyn is my bitch, and neither of us are your bitch.
6.) I go into each shoot with 2-4 specific looks and poses in mind for each model. When I’m trying to get those shots, I may direct both you and the model until I get what I came there for. This takes about 10 minutes (at most). Once that’s done, I’ll get out of your way, silently sip my diet Vanilla Coke, and dick with my phone until the next model is up.

If you take issue with me or my policies, find someone else willing to work for free.

I have a strong network of models, photographers, and other support staff that deliver on their promises that I work with regularly. You won’t be doing me any favors by requesting my complimentary contribution to your shoot. I’m an extremely busy professional and have no time for flakes. However, if you’re a professional like me that is fed up with no-shows and people that seem to be in this business for the sole purpose of screwing over people like us, contact me. I’d love to add another reliable person to my network! 🙂


  1. Love it! Has it worked?! I’m currently looking for new photographers – any recommendations would be awesome. I am @thelondonbeautystylist on Instagram x

    • Oddly enough, it DID work. I attracted a ton of attention from local models and photographers who thought it was hilarious and totally on-point. I made a lot of new friends with people who shared my values. Highly recommend blunt honesty in freelancing, lol.

      • thats got to be the most awesome statement of fact i have ever read if i ever met you i would buy you a seriously large vanilla diet coke ,f###ing awesome and well done i am just now starting out to get some photoshoots under my belt while i have the enthusiasm and so happy to know there are normal people out there.


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