These nails are bitten halfway to the cuticle!
Can you tell?

Clients with problem hands and nails, such as bitten nails, ski-jump, fan-shaped, or flat nails, need more attention than the usual procedures; ordinary tips and application methods will not work. For these clients, a “Nail Makeover” procedure is best for hiding any imperfections.

OPI’s Absolute Perfection liquid and powder system is the perfect solution. Through the use of advanced sculpting techniques and the highly pigmented cosmetic acrylic powders, your nail technician can give you the illusion of an elongated nail bed, hiding the damaged or bitten nail beds underneath. Product colors are selected to complement your skin tone. All colors are completely opaque and will deliver the most flattering results possible. Using these products, we can transform your short bitten or damaged nails into runway nails. Read the rest of the article to learn more about the Perfection system and how to find a nail technician that can perform the service properly.

Your nail technician must understand two things: 
1.) how your nail complications alter the look and shape of the finger; and 
2.) how to counteract the faults with a cosmetic products and corrective sculpting techniques.
Part of your Absolute Nail Makeover service includes treatment of the puffy, dry, peeling skin surrounding the nail bed. This cuticle therapy will help repair this damaged skin and enhance the overall appearance of your hands and nails. These services in conjunction with one another will discourage nail biters from future biting and will eventually break the habit altogether. (For more tips on how to adopt less destructive methods of dealing with your anxiety or whatever emotion triggers your biting habit, read my article “How to Break the Nail Biting Habit for Good!”

Nails created with Absolute require the same bi-weekly professional maintenance that all enhancements require, so you will be expected to come in and have them filled and rebalanced every 10-14 days. For the first month, depending on the degree of damage your nail beds have endured, you may need to come in once a week. Be aware that this service is not a one time fix.

What does the service involve?
First, your nail technician will evaluate your hands and nail beds. The cuticles will be pushed and any dead skin will be trimmed off. The nail beds will be prepped and cleansed and forms will be applied. The technician will then sculpt your enhancements on using the opaque, cosmetic quality pigment powders that I mentioned before. They will have been chosen specifically for your skin tone and to ensure maximum coverage of any bruising or other nail damage. After the product is applied, the nails will be “balanced.” The balancing procedure involves shaping the nail so that it is structurally sounds and less likely to break.
Regarding Length Restrictions
For most clients that have severely bitten nail beds, the length of the enhancement will not exceed the fingertip. Good nail technicians follow a 2/3, 1/3 rule. What that means is that the length of the free edge of the nail will not exceed 1/3 of the overall length of the nail bed. If you divide your nail enhancement into 3 sections, 2 of those sections need to be attached to the nail plate and one of those sections can be additional length. If the enhancement exceeds this length, you are putting yourself at risk for a severe break that can be extremely painful and may cause long-term damage.

What does the service cost?
Be prepared to shell out extra money for this service. It requires more work and a talented nail technician. Generally, your first appointment will run you about 2-2.5 hours and will cost between $60 and $90. (I currently charge $85.) The products themselves are fairly costly as well. Your fills will also cost about $5-$10 more (plus additional fees for repairs, if required) depending on how well you treat the enhancements.


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