I know a lot of you have been waiting (not so) patiently for me to review the ANT and MNT programs. I’m going to start with my final assessment of the programs and then continue with the Pros and Cons.

FINAL ASSESSMENT: The program is well worth the investment. In fact, I told Janet McCormick that they are undercharging. Even with its flaws, the program is easily worth more. Much more. I am strongly encouraging everyone to at least take the ANT, which in my opinion should be taught in all nail technology courses across the US. If you were on the fence about taking these programs, this is me forcefully shoving you over the edge. Take it. Now.

Go ahead. Enroll now. …I’ll wait here.

* The information is communicated in a way that literally anyone could understand but isn’t done so in a way that insults the intelligence of the student. Nobody likes to be talked down to and this program does not do that.
* Help is readily available to you. If you have any questions or concerns, you can email Jan or Dr. Spalding and expect a pretty prompt response.
* You are given everything you will ever need to succeed. This includes marketing materials, service protocols, and even template letters for the media. If you need any additional letters or help, the program insists that you contact either Jan or Dr. Spalding. Both are more than willing to assist you.
* Internship placement assistance is provided. If you are having a hard time finding a doctor to intern with, ask for help. You will get it.
* The program is self-paced. Take as long as you need. This was great for me, since I am booked to capacity and raising two children and running a blog and doing about 500 other things simultaneously.

* There are typos and issues with slide formatting and audio quality. These issues are being addressed, so I don’t anticipate they’ll be a problem for much longer. They don’t affect the quality of the information or compromise it in any way.
…yeah, that’s it for the Cons. Go enroll.

These programs are not easy. I have been working in medical nail care for a long time. Even with my experience in a podiatry practice, I learned a lot. (No really. A lot.) Do not delude yourself into thinking this is an easy certification to gain. Dr. Spalding and Janet McCormick do not just take your money and hand you a certificate. Unlike those one day workshops at the trade shows, you have to really earn these. I typed 48 pages of notes for the MNT alone (single-spaced, type 12 font), and I didn’t type notes at all on three of the modules since two of them weren’t going to be included in the exam and one of them covered emergency care (a subject I’m intimately familiar with as an ex-medic).

The tests are brutal. They’re 100 questions each and you really have to pay attention to the wording of the questions and the potential answers. I studied my ass off and managed to pull a 93% on the ANT and a 94% on the MNT. You will not be able to slide through the exams, so don’t try.

Anyways, I definitely recommend the programs to everyone. I strongly believe that Dr. Spalding and Janet McCormick have created an entirely new career that effectively merges the medical assistant and nail technician into a more effective, better educated hybrid that has the ability to bring far more to the podiatry practice than either could do independently.


  1. im in the middle of taking the ANT corse and I missed the news that my current corse was being upgraded and I would have to finish it within 30 days! WTF 🙁 I hope I don’t have to pay more to finish.

    • I’m aware that Bob and Jan parted ways, but I still believe both of them deliver a great educational experience (regardless of which end of the split you ended up on). Both of them are committed entirely to this industry and the professionals within it, so make contact. You shouldn’t have to pay more, and I’m certain Jan or Bob will answer any questions you have. 🙂

    • Hello Mikkala,

      I can assure you will NOT pay extra. I started the course in May & life got in the way. I decided to focus & commit to finish & felt just as you did & thought the same. Dr. Spalding & staff were available to answer my questions & again I did NOT get charge additional due to the change. You will be excited about new information which is power packed! Consider it a bonus PACKAGE 🙂

      I highly recommend completing the program you choose. I completed all the programs & as review mentioned it’s no easy walk in the park, but in the end it’s a profession you earn that enhance your career choice.

      Good luck!


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