First and foremost, I’m going to apologize in advance for this post. I have been working myself incredibly hard lately. I’m a bit burnt out, so excuse my short little post…or don’t. You fine people don’t pay me to write this stuff. Today, you’re getting what you pay for. (But seriously though, I am so sorry.)

This week, I used Barefoot by LCN to replace a toenail on a client who lost hers last year. This is the before image. You can see that the nail bed has hardened a bit and although it looks like a partial nail, it is still incredibly soft. I thought this client would be a great candidate to test out LCN’s claims that Barefoot will adhere to hardened, calloused nail plate tissue. This client’s nails are healthy, she doesn’t have any fungal or bacterial issues.

First, I cleansed the skin with alcohol. Then, I pushed the cuticles gently. I prepped the nail plate thoroughly and followed the application instructions included with the Barefoot kit. Once the application was completed, I filed, buffed, and polished the enhancement.

This is what the nail looked like after application, no cuticle oil applied. (Before you hate on my cuticle detailing skills, let me inform you that this patient does suffer from leukemia and recently underwent a transplant. She is very susceptible to infection, so I will not cut her cuticles.)

Here are the factors that I could evaluate during application.
Set Time: 2 min. UV, 1 min. LED
Consistency: Medium viscosity.
Weight: Incredibly light. The client reported that she couldn’t even feel the enhancement.
Clarity: Opaque pink. Clear enough to see through, but pink enough to look like a natural toenail.
Color Consistency: Consistent.
Odor: Odor-free.

Cost: $45 for the trial kit. (Get an additional 10% off and free shipping if it is your first order with LCN.)
Here is what the nail looked like after it was painted. The client that came in after this client had absolutely no idea that the nail was a prosthetic. She had one applied also, but of course, I forgot to take before and after pictures.
That post will include-

Color Consistency Over Time: (consistent, slightly discolored, discolored)
Durability: (extremely durable, durable, moderately durable)
Adhesion Over Time: (great adhesion, slight lifting, poor adhesion)
Soak Off Time: (in minutes)

This client wore this enhancement for two months. Because the product was transparent, I could monitor it every two weeks to ensure there was no lifting or discoloration. It remained adhered–no lifting, no breaking, no stress fractures, no loosening. I replaced it after two months only because it made me feel better to do so. It was an entirely personal decision. (I get nervous when they’re on longer than six weeks without a replacement. I like to start fresh to ease my mind, lol.)

The product remained color consistent. It was obviously extremely durable and the adhesion was fantastic. My client is very active and exercises daily–walks, aerobics, swimming. Even with all that activity the enhancement remained in pristine condition with no signs of wear or stress.

Because it is gel, I didn’t even attempt to soak it off. A brand new file cut through it like butter and melted it down in a few swipes. I buffed off the remainder. Because the texture of her natural nail plate is very distinctive in comparison to the enhancement material, it was very easy for me to see the difference between the two so that I could avoid filing into the nail.

Overall, I highly–super highly–recommend Barefoot by LCN.

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  1. I am so excited about the LCN Barefoot line. Very under marketed. Centre for Beauty is ready to make a dent in the foot care industry with this revolutionary product.

  2. I wish there was someone around where I live who could do this for me! I had a procedure done on both of my big toenails 20 years ago and one nail came off and is now only like 1/4 inch long. I bet an acrylic put on every spring but this seems so much better.


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