If you haven’t yet done so, read the first installment of The Definitive Social Media Guide for Technologically Illiterate Beauty Professionals and follow the steps outlined in that post to more efficiently manage your social media profiles. It is imperative that you read the first post before reading this one!

Signing up for Twitter is simple. Type in that new email and create a username and password. When you’re thinking of usernames to use for each site, make it easy to remember for both you and your fans, followers, or clients. In the majority of cases, your username will become your URL. So try to keep it short as well. If you are a stylist or nail tech, stick with your full name. (Mine is twitter.com/tinaalberino.)

If you’re a blogger like me, make it your full name. If you’re creating one for your salon, use the salon name or a shortened version of the salon name. Don’t forget. It has to be easy to remember. If your salon name is Beautiful Bombshell Beauty Salon, the username beautifulbombshell would be perfect.

The Settings button.

To change your settings, click the gear in the upper right hand corner. It will bring you to a menu that will allow you to change your  background, your profile image, your website URL, and your biography. You can also change a bunch of other miscellaneous settings as well.

This is the edit profile screen. From here, you can
change your photo, header, name, etc. Clicking the
“Design” menu option allows you to alter the background.
To easily change your profile content on your
main page, click the “Edit Profile” button on the
lower right corner of your information panel.
This is what my profile looks like currently.
Yours will look different depending on how
you alter the settings.
The “Compose Tweet” button.

To send out a Tweet, either click the little quill button in the right hand corner, or type into the “Compose New Tweet” box under your profile info on the left sidebar (see images below). 

Things you need to know before Tweeting:

You can also compose a tweet
by typing in this box!

1.) Tweets must be under 140 characters, including spaces. This means that you need to make the most of those 140 characters. Keep your messages short and to the point.
2.) Tweeting constantly cause some people to “unfollow” you. Try to limit your tweets to once or twice a day at the most.
3.) To keep your followers interested, share more than just your specials or sales. Tweet before & after pictures, beauty tips, and other fun stuff outside of your normal business news.
4.) When sharing links, have them shortened by using TinyURL. TinyURL is simple. Put in a long link, get a shortened version back. No accounts to set up. Fast and easy.
5.) Want to fill a last-minute opening or transform a slow afternoon into a busy day? Twitter is great for this. Try tweeting, “Do you want a pedicure RIGHT NOW? The first person that calls in the next 10 minutes gets my last-minute space and [insert percentage here]% off!” It is really effective and so much fun!

6.) Use hashtags to attract customers. Ever see people #use #hashtags #on #posts? They’re basically a way of categorizing your content. On Twitter, users can search for certain hashtags and view posts that contain it. Click here to see a list of recent posts that contain #nailart. See what I mean? Use hashtags to draw people to your business. If you post a picture of an updo, hashtag it #updo, #bridal, #hair. If your character limit allows, hashtag your city or town also!
7.) Connect with your followers. Chances are, your followers will be clients or potential clients scouting out your business. If they retweet, favorite, or comment on something you post, take a quick second to thank them! Use their real name (if they have one listed on their profile). It takes a few seconds but helps to let others know that you’re real and you appreciate that they “follow” you.
About @replies and @mentions.
People on Twitter can “mention” you (and you can do the same) by using an @ symbol before their name. If you’re familiar with Facebook’s friend tagging system, it works the same way. Mentions and Replies are essentially the same thing. The only difference between them is that a reply is generated when someone replies to a tweet of yours and a mention happens when someone deliberately tags you in a tweet that you may not have been involved in. To illustrate, if a client replies to a post you made about a deal offering 20% off, it will say, “@EstellesNails That is awesome! Be there tonight!” When the same client arrives at your business and tweets, “Stopping in to get a manicure at @EstellesNails!” That is a mention. 
Only replies will appear in your timeline. You will be notified about mentions, but other users won’t see them. If someone searches for your username on Twitter, all posts you were mentioned in will appear in the search results. People will also see mentions of your business if they follow the person that mentioned you.

For more information on mentions and replies, click here.

Tweeting is simple, easy, and great for beginner social media users. Just follow the rules.
1.) Don’t tweet too often.
2.) Don’t overuse hashtags.
3.) Keep it professional, but also a little casual and fun.
4.) Never drink and Tweet. (Trust me on this one.)
If you have any other questions, comment at the bottom of this post and I’ll be happy to add more to the article!
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