UPDATE: I have now added an Archives menu to the top of the site. If you click it, you’ll see every post I’ve ever made, listed out. You can also click each year to see the posts I’ve made in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

“Tina, I found your blog this weekend and I’ve read every one of your posts!”

Bad News: No, you didn’t.
Good News: That means there’s tons more to read!

The posts you see on the front page of this blog are not all of the posts that this blog has. I recently imported all of my posts (with the exclusion of the personal posts and about a dozen others I considered erroneous) into a word processing program I use so that I can expand these articles into a real, actual book.

The word count at that time was nearly 160,000, but is a considerable deal higher now that I’ve made even more posts since that initial import (which has made it abundantly clear that I have enough content for two very large books). As a frame of reference, The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien maxed out at 95,356 words. A standard paperback page contains 250-300 words. So, unless you read very, very fast, it’s highly unlikely that you managed to go through the equivalent of a 640+ page paperback book in a weekend.

I’ve included the Archives in the sidebar. (Before, they were located in the footer of the website.) If you really want to go through every single post, the archives will make it much easier for you. Scroll down and you’ll find the Archives menu, located on the right sidebar between my email address and the Labels menu. All 248 Posts are organized by year, then by month, and listed by title. You can also use the menu at the bottom of every post (underneath the Comment box) to view the Next Post/Previous Post.

I’m going to make more posts visible on the front page today, but just so you guys know–if you think you read the entirety of my two years of labor in a single weekend, the odds are pretty good that you didn’t, lol.


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