Available December 1st, 2014!

My name is Tina Alberino, and I wrote this book to save you. This is not another lame book full of generic beauty business advice. This book serves as the literary equivalent of a kick in the ass and a punch to the throat. You hold in your hands compendium of harsh lessons and a raw depiction of the true nature of this industry. The vast majority of these lessons aren’t taught in schools and don’t appear in textbooks; they’re learned through experience—often in a way that is less-than-gentle. This book will help you navigate this tumultous industry. The waters run deep, the currents are swift, and the tides shift quickly. The journey can certainly be treacherous. Don’t learn these lessons the hard way.

The physical version of The Beauty Industry Survival Guide is $19.99 and is bundled with the e-book version! If you’d prefer to have just the digital version, it is priced at $9.99. The Beauty Industry Survival Guide does NOT have DRM protections and will be part of Amazon’s Lending Library, so share with your friends! (I’m an avid reader. I hate DRM and companies that don’t bundle, so I won’t be inflicting that on my readers. Thank you for your support!)



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