Iam Tina Alberino, a licensed cosmetologist with over fifteen years of beauty industry experience, predominantly in salon and spa management. I am a blogger, an educator, a consultant, a freelance columnist, and a beauty industry advocate specializing in communicating information on employment law, tax law, ethical salon management practices, and professional development. My written work can be found periodically in various beauty industry trade magazines, on Nail Tech Reality Check, and in my book, The Beauty Industry Survival Guide.


The purpose of this blog is to empower and educate salon professionals so they can attain the success they crave and achieve their wildest professional dreams. If we stand together, we can change this industry for the better.

“Where the hell are you?!”

Yeah, yeah. I know, I haven’t been very active here lately and I turned comments off. There are a few totally valid reasons for that.

  1. I’m writing my next book. It’s a beast and it takes priority over everything else. Because I don’t have the time to write or work for free, I’ve stopped posting routinely and turned off commenting.
  2. I’ve opened a second location of my salon, Unvarnished Hand & Foot Co. Salons are a lot like babies. During that first year, they really need a lot of attention.
  3. Speaking of babies–I’ve recently given birth to my fourth. She also requires a lot of attention.
  4. I’m hosting conferences and speaking at more events.

Don’t worry. I haven’t gone anywhere.

You can book an appointment with me online or find me in my Facebook group and join in with our discussions there if you’re so inclined. Until I clear some major projects off my list (around summer 2018) my activity here will be minimal, but I haven’t abandoned you.