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Salon rent  


Hi, I was wondering if we’re required to pay our weekly rental for our space in a salon if we were closed due to the corona virus?

Posted : March 31, 2020 10:20 pm
Tina Alberino

Hi Shelly!

Unfortunately, most booth/studio renters in our industry don't have lease agreements--and if they do, those lease agreements generally don't contain provisions for emergencies the way a commercial lease typically does. (For instance, our leases for our salons in Florida allows suspension of rent during state emergencies that require closures, like hurricanes.)

Most states don't have laws surrounding commercial landlord/tenant agreements, leaving everything to what's in your contract. If you don't have a lease or if that agreement doesn't cover this type of situation, you likely don't have any option for relief. The best you can do is arrange with the salon owner to make up the rent payments in the future.

Any state relief options made available to commercial landlords and their tenants probably won't apply to the individual booth renters inside their salons, but keep your eyes on the news. 

Your only option--and it's not one I recommend for people in our industry--is to take out an SBA loan through the Paycheck Protection Program. You can learn more about that here, but I would encourage booth renters to move out and suspend their businesses until we've gotten the pandemic under control before I'd recommend taking on debt.

Posted : April 2, 2020 11:27 am