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Unpaid Internships  


Came across an ad for an internship at a new nail salon. “Flexible schedule, Must work long hours, compensation after 90 days”

So basically unpaid training for 90 days. Don’t think this is legal.


Just another way salon owners are tying to cheat cheat their employees 😡

Posted : May 19, 2019 8:49 pm
Tina Alberino

You're absolutely right. Unfortunately, this happens extremely often in our industry. The WHD Fact Sheet you linked is a long overdue recent update to the "primary beneficiary test." A handful of salon owners do run proper, legitimate internships (mostly in states that allow licensure through endorsement with proof of a successfully completed internship). However, that doesn't stop some owners (in those same states) from taking advantage of the system and abusing interns.

I think for as long as a system rewards bad behavior in some fashion, the bad behavior will continue to be a problem. In the US, these bad behaviors come with minimal risk (currently) and nearly limitless financial reward. Until we can more consistently enforce the laws and regulations we've designed to counter these abuses, they'll continue. 🙁 

Posted : May 20, 2019 8:51 am