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Compensation and Pricing Megakit

The Salon Compensation and Pricing Megakit

...you, including your hourly operational cost, direct labor, and monthly/weekly/hourly overhead expenses. This system allows salon owners to evaluate three compensation systems: Hourly Pay plus Tiered Commission Bonuses Commission vs...

Make Your Life Simple

...a year now and I will never bank elsewhere ever again. It is really great for personal accounts, but it’s PERFECT for booth renters and business owners. It streamlines financial...
The Salon Employee Suitcase Square

The Salon Employee Suitcase

...your legal rights when faced with sexual harassment in the salon. Even the most diligent and organized salon owners make payroll mistakes. (If it can happen to me, it can...

Report & Enforce

...country. Walk away from exploitative owners. Question authority. Most importantly, report and enforce.  If you want to be actively involved in changing this business for the better by influencing legislation...

Theft of Services: When a Client Refuses to Pay

...to us (the beauty professionals and salon owners) to protect ourselves with refund policies, consultation documentation, and clear service descriptions–and to take that power from the customers completely by requiring...

[AASM] Professional Crisis: Who do the clients belong to?

...need to be informed in advance of their appointment. Too often, salon owners will shift the clients of a departing employee to the remaining employees. That client will arrive for...

“I only hit you because I love you.”

...place to work. I work hard to educate salon professionals about their rights and responsibilities as employees. I commit myself to making it easy for owners to understand their obligations...

The 5+ Types of Difficult Clients and How to Deal With Them

...take something, and leave with it? Owners and booth renters, you have every right to contact law enforcement if a client leaves your shop without paying. Never accept that treatment...