[1.1] Know Your Rights


    It’s the first official episode of This Ugly Beauty Business, and we’re going to spend it going over the basics. Are you a booth renter, independent contractor, or employee? What is the difference between an employee and someone who is self-employed? Why are so many beauty professionals “1099?” You have questions, and when you’re done listening to this episode, you’ll have answers.

    Relevant Links

    Know Your Rights: This is the article this episode is based on. In it, you’ll find a ton of useful links. Every statement made in this episode is cited here with links to the federal statutes. (Keep an eye out for underlined dark teal text.)

    The 20 Factor IRS Test: Want to find out if you’re really an independent contractor? Here are the 20 factors the IRS uses to make that determination, and why they likely don’t apply to you.

    Be Your Own Boss: Learn what it really means to be self-employed, and why your landlord doesn’t owe you a damn thing other than square footage.


    1. Please tell me how I have not known about you or your work sooner. I’m not the most (or the least) computer savvy person out there… I’m sure through some digging I can get tons of info right here on your site. I have been a salon owner since 1990. I am 49, have a booming thriving business and am completely self taught in business. I’ve managed year to year, doing my best while working behind the chair as well. There almost doesn’t seem to be enough time in a year to stay on top of all the new rules and laws. I believe I best resemble a booth “rental salon” doing my best yet operating in the gray and RED areas. It seems confusing to say the least to know everything I am supposed to. I feel like I may need a a consultant or tutor of sorts to help me dial everything in. Do you have recommendations? I am in California. I want to know what I “NEED TO DO” to get this right and not so much of what I shouldn’t be doing or what I am doing wrong. Does that make sense??

    2. I really appreciate all the hard work you are doing to make this information available to us. I’m sharing this with all of the ladies that a went to school with.

    3. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! This is wonderful! Going to find your book and buy it! I agree with Mia, Texas is off the hook!

    4. I am 1 week in a salon. So confused and overwhelmed already. My salon says I’m an independent contractor and I will receive a 1099, however they also give me 50% commission. From what I have read here I am being ripped off. I like the salon and others in the salon. What is a fair % to ask for if I’m getting a 1099 and salon supplies me with everything I need?


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