[1.3] Beauty Career Mastery: How to Map Your Way to Success


    When you began your journey in this industry, presumably you did so with a plan, right? If that plan began with “go to cosmetology school” and ended with “find a job,” you’ve been doing it wrong.

    In this episode (based on this article) we talk about how to devise a strategy for success, and how to execute it.

    Quick Note:

    Fair warning, the episode you’re hearing was my second attempt at recording this article. The first time, my kids were awake and being way too loud and rowdy. I was so distracted by them that I ended up recording the whole episode on the wrong microphone. (Yeah, I was pretty pissed about it.)

    This recording took place after the kids were in bed, so I was tired, a little hoarse, and had to speak at my normal volume. All that made it really hard for me not to slip into my normal monotone robot voice. Sorry. Beep boop. ¥[*.*]¥

    [1.3] Beauty Career Mastery: How to Map Your Way to Success
    January 2017

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