[2.3] Solving The Beauty Industry’s Accountability Problem


    This episode exceeds ten minutes, so you should already know things are about to get serious.

    It seems we’re holding everyone responsible for their actions, using the power of social media to publicly shame shameful people. Abusers, harassers, racists, thieves, and those who treat service workers like trash are no longer safe in their assumption that their crimes will only be remembered for as long as the witnesses talk about it. No longer will they remain cocooned in the relatively anonymous nature of their physical descriptions. People cannot play the role of “the woman at JCPenney who cursed out the cashier,” or “the old man who shouted racial slurs at a woman at the park” and walk away without consequences. Their crimes and abhorrent behaviors are recorded, uploaded, shared, swiftly attached to their real names, etched in digital stone, and woven into the potentially eternal fabric of the internet.

    When are beauty workers going to start naming and shaming those who exploit them in the workplace?

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    [2.3] Solving The Beauty Industry’s Accountability Problem
    Season 2 [2018]

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    1. Tina, brilliant piece as usual! The model of addressing injustice that you present is so helpful, not just for our industry, but for any situation in life. Thank you for doing what you do!


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