[VIP 3] The Industry’s Education Reconfiguration


    Although our industry and technology has evolved exponentially, our system for educating and licensing professionals hasn’t changed in decades—and it really needs to.

    In Part 1, The Industry’s Education Situation, we briefly acknowledged the uncomfortable fact that abuse of students and financial aid programs puts our entire profession in peril by legitimizing arguments for deregulation.

    In Part 2, The Industry’s Education Solution, we discussed how we could draw a clear line between what constitutes practical and necessary practices that should be part of a professional’s education and labor exploitation.

    In this final installment, we’ll evaluate the primary reasons lawmakers and activists believe our education and licenses aren’t necessary and discuss a potential compromise that will not only eliminate their arguments but revitalize our industry, curb attrition, and make both education and licensure more affordable and attainable for all.

    But first, you might want to take some deep, calming breaths…

    Read the full article here.

    [VIP 3] The Industry’s Education Reconfiguration

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