Saturday, July 4, 2020
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What is the VIP System?

The VIP System was initially created for the grateful fans of this site who wanted to help support it. (I didn’t feel comfortable taking donations without providing something in return.)

What does VIP membership include?

VIP members enjoy a variety of perks, including access to the VIP Library, a subscription to my monthly VIP Newsletter (with legislation alerts), unrestricted access to The Community, complementary access to both Know Your Rights courses, and access to free VIP Downloads.

The most valuable membership feature, by far, is the VIP email support, which allows members to email me directly and receive a speedy reply. My consulting rates are $100/hr. Membership includes unlimited email support for $50 annually. It’s sort of an amazing deal. Take advantage of it while you can!

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Current and aspiring salon owners will get the most value from a VIP membership, as most VIP-exclusive content has been designed for them. However, salon professionals seeking the critical foundation information provided by the Know Your Rights courses and the guidance of a mentor will benefit tremendously as well.

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